Atlantic Records
Creating an easier experience for music enthusiasts
UCook wireframes
UCook logo
The Atlantic Records website was redesigned to be visually less complicated, more intuitive, and simple to use.
UI design, research, prototyping
Oct 2019 - Dec 2019
Project Type
Wordpress web design
Currently the Atlantic Records website lacks empathy towards its users. It does not provide enough information for music enthusiasts and aspiring musicians. The design and structure of the website is overwhelming with content that is not necessary to the brand.
Competitive Analysis
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Epitaph is perceived as one of Atlantic Records biggest rivals. Epitaph generates $678.3M less revenue than Atlantic Records.
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End Records
End Records has been one of Atlantic Records top competitors. End Records generates 1.41% the revenue of Atlantic Records.
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Rhino is Atlantic Records top competitor. Rhino has 301 fewer employees vs. Atlantic Records.
Design Process
The Users
Sarah Doe, 22
Sarah is a music enthusiast and aspiring artist. She likes to spend her time composing music or going to concerts with her friends. Sarah is ready to get serious about her career and wants to find the right people to sign with.
  • Fear of too much change
  • Not enough resources about signing online
  • Most record label sites are too confusing with extra information
  • Trust the people she is signing with
  • Flexibility
  • Stay true to who she is
Determine interaction flow
After creating the sitemap above, we were able to transfer that into mid-fidelity wireframes for 8 of those pages. These designs are inspired by Spotify and Apple Music in addition to the Atlantic Records brand colors.
Atoms, Molecules, & Organisms
UI Design
The next step was to build the atoms of the page. Using our style tiles as guides, we did this by creating the simplest building blocks including labels, input fields, buttons, links, etc.
Final Solution
UI Design
Using the style guide above, I was able to redesign the Atlantic Records website.
Next steps
The next steps upon completion would be focused on user testing and redesigning until final production.