Empowering Account Executives to confidently close more business and generate more revenue with our proposal generator that creates automated, market-proven and ready to launch proposals within seconds.
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UI Designer
November 2020 - present
Project Deliverables
Improved UX design
Interaction design
UI prototype (Figma)
Visual design (Figma)
Project Status
First version - ✅ Under development
Second version - 🚧 Working in progress
A full desktop screenshot of SmartProposal on Frequence's platform

Project Context

Based on the market research and customer feedback, we learned that media proposals can take countless hours of research and data crunching to be effective and client-ready. When building a proposal, Account Executives and sales users need to know the best target audiences and products when proposing an advertising campaign to a client.


How might we...
provide a seamless and intuitive way to make Account Executives and sales users feel confident when creating advertising campaign proposals?

Solution preview

After 6+ rounds of usability testing sessions, we are excited to move forward with a solution of embedding SmartProposal into the Frequence platform. Using AI-based recommendations, Account Executives and sales users will be able to easily allocate and configure budgets across their products and enable multi-channel reach. SmartProposal was released to 11 partners, used to create +1k proposals, and with $600k in revenue.

As this project is still under development, I can't show the exact deliverables at this point. Nevertheless, this project has been featured on GlobeNewswire. I also attached the video clip that shows the project solution preview.

If you're interested in this project and would like to learn more about updates, reach out to me and let's chat!

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