Empowering Account Executives to confidently close more business and generate more revenue with our newest proposal generator that creates automated, market-proven and ready to launch proposals within seconds.
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Responsible for research, conceptualization, design, user testing and delivery of key modules and feature areas.
2 designers, 3 product managers and 8+ engineers.
November 2020 - July 2021
Figma, Miro, JIRA / Confluence
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Project Context

Proposals aim to pitch an advertising agency’s recommendations for an advertising campaign. Within the constraints of manual search methods and inconsistent media plans, people are looking to take advantage of cross-channel opportunities confidently, and a wizard proposal tool is a step closer in that direction. We built an experience that generates industry-specific campaign proposals, learning and improving based on real-time performance data to maximize reach across marketing channels.


The custom proposal process can be a timely and inconsistent experience. The sales team would spend hours on manual research and data crunching to create effective proposals. How might we streamline and grow media sales for Account Executives and sales users so they can feel confident to upsell other tactics?

Solution preview

With our goals in mind, we introduced SmartProposal into the Frequence platform. Using AI-based recommendations, Account Executives and sales users can easily create adaptive proposals that are data-driven, market proven, and client-ready. SmartProposal helped a leading cable TV provider increase their booked revenue by 35% after just 6 months of using the software!

This project has been featured on GlobeNewswire and the winner of the "Best Sales Proposal Software" award chosen by MarTech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence company. I also attached the video clip that shows the project solution preview.

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