Pressed Subscriptions

Pressed customers now have the opportunity to subscribe to get their favorite Pressed essentials delivered to their home.
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UX designer responsible for competitive analysis research, conceptualization, design, and delivery of key modules and feature improvements.
Figma, Adobe XD, Miro
September 2020 - 8 hours
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Project Overview

In the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, subscription service models from meal-prepped food to personalized clothing styles became the new normal as everyone was staying home. While physical businesses temporarily closed their doors, people looked for ways to continually purchase their favorite items. I collaborated with team members at Pressed (formerly Pressed Juicery) to design a subscription sign-up flow giving their customers frequency, quantity, and fulfillment choices so that they never run out of their Pressed essentials.


The concept of subscriptions have skyrocketed and now anyone could get a subscription for almost anything. In some cases, signing up for a subscription can be an unnecessarily lengthy process. How might we make the subscription sign-up process easy, accessible, and convenient so Pressed customers don’t have the hassle of remembering to buy or renew their favorite Pressed essentials?


For the first time, Pressed has entered the world of online subscriptions for consumable services. By providing users with the ability to see how the service works, make pricing widely accessible, and allow the convenience to set up when, how, and how many essentials they receive, our customers will have an easier and enjoyable experience when signing up.

Disclaimer: Since the content of this project is all confidential, I am happy to share the details of this project verbally during the interview!
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