Long Tail Dashboards

A customizable, permission-based dashboard providing a full view of all advertiser initiatives, media, and integrations.
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UI Designer
January 2021 - present
Project Deliverables
Improved UX design
Interaction design
Visual design (Figma)
Overview product page screenshot

Project Context

Our product aimed to offer our sales reps and advertisers an easy-to-use visual solution where they can manage their advertisement campaign data. In some cases, our partners compete in the same market and use the analytical dashboard as a marketing tool to acquire more business. To avoid confusion among advertisers, we design and offer unique skins of our dashboards to overlapping partners.


Design an analytical dashboard that feels and looks different from other previous ones with the lowest amount of dev effort and quick rollout for a high impact.


The long tail analytical dashboards collect, transform, and analyze large amounts of data for visualization preparation activating a custom look and feel with minimal dev effort. It allows for rapid builds and launch of analytics and slides.

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A side by side comparison of the original older design vs. the new and improved redesign.

Key Features

A screenshot on the left of older previous design. A screenshot on the right of it showing the new and updated redesign.

Modern approach

The design on the left is one of our oldest dashboards. As design trends change throughout the years, we wanted to take on a more modern approach that matches other popular designs in the industry. The design on the right shows the reskin of the left design.

Improved balance

The original dashboard design had a masonry grid-like design and a mix of full and half width widgets. On some product pages the widget grid was unbalanced leaving large gaps. In our new approach, we redesigned the length of a few widgets to ensure they all fit better together.
A screenshot on the left showing the original design with a large gap between widget spacing. A screenshot on the left showing all widgets fitting nicely together


Due to resource limitations we were not able to do additional user research, however, we were able to utilize previous research done on our target audience and collaborate with our stakeholders to influence the design.


The PM provided me with the requirements of the pages that the analytics module should have and any new additions needed for the partner. I wanted to gain a full picture of the page structure and make better design decisions so I created a sitemap.

A sitemap of the dashboard made in FigJam


To get started with the ideation phase, I started working on sketches. The prioritization matrix helped with auditing the existing dashboard and helped me understand the context to produce different ideas. Here’s an example of one of the overview pages.

A rough sketch of the overview product page with notes around it.


After sketching, we started to work on wireframes. This phase took less time with the help of the sketches. During this process we got a lot of great feedback from our CSM and engineering teams on specific partner requirements and configurations.

A greyscale wireframe screenshot of the early designs of the pages before moving onto high fidelity designs.

Visual designs

The next step was to start working on visual design. I did the entire visual design for this project as well as all other analytical dashboards under this initiative. There were many iterations of the visual design and after reviews and feedback sessions with stakeholders and engineering, we finally came to a final design.

A collage of widgets with a screenshot of the main product page in the middle.

Outcome & insights

We achieved our goal for reducing dev efforts and increasing the dev-to-release speed for new analytical dashboards! Previous dashboards designs had about 100 story points for development. By redesigning previously created dashboards and focusing mainly on CSS changes we were able to save time with new dashboards coming out to 35 points each and rolling out in just 3 weeks!